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  • So I’ve gone through the prop design class and am now working on the last bit of it with designing the desk, mug, chair, and book. I’m working on the desk at the moment and I am struggling. I can’t find a design the fits my theme (steampunk). I don’t want it to be super showy but I can’t think of how a desk in a steampunk world would look very different from one in ours. Also have not found silhouettes very helpful for it, they all just seem boring.

    So my main question is how can I settle on a design I’m happy with.
    I’ll post what I’ve got so far for the desk, it’s mixed with some other prop drawings but no need to focus on those. Apologies for the poor lighting 9D11EA01-E8D5-45E2-BA15-8E176D6E3522.jpeg E128EB3C-919D-4603-B2AE-E5D2C86282CF.jpeg

  • I look forward to your steampunk process! I’m excited.

    Now I don’t want to make the assumption that you haven’t looked on Pinterest, but I did take a quickly look under steampunk concept art table:



    The second isn’t a table I realize that but it has a box element and my point being is put steampunk elements into a table design. Like the turning gear element that’s sitting on the box flip that shape and use it for the base of your legs. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

    I found a really cool table but the file is too large to share it.

    And for what might make you be happy with your designs, I’d say what story do you want to tell, what steampunk character uses that desk, like maybe your character needs extra light to see which will determine the size of the light, or how tall is your character determines height of desk/chair, etc.

    Hope that helps.

  • @Heather-Boyd
    Love that first one! I have scoured Pinterest quite a bit, I’m surprised I didn’t find that image. Thanks for the feedback!

  • @Griff

    I added to my feedback because you asked also about how to be happy with your design so I added that portion. 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd said in Prop Design class:


    I added to my feedback because you asked also about how to be happy with your design so I added that portion. 🙂

    Great tips, thank you!

  • Your lamp has flattened cylinders on both ends too so maybe try the flattened cylinder for your table top? Just something to maybe try. I like your lamp

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