• Does anyone know of any resources on how to anthropomorphize animals? Not just drawing animals but making them human-like? I have animals in my nightfall piece and I'm having trouble creating a consistent style with all of them (some look realistic, other very cartoony) and I think it's because I don't really know the basics of making them humanesque. Any SVS classes, youtube videos, or tips?

    Here are some examples of the look I am trying to go for:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Mhm I am not sure if I am the best to answer this question but I would do it this way: make a separate image and line up all the characters that you have in your scene next to each other. And then try to change their features so they look all consistent 🙂 I think when they are next to each other this is way easier. (In other words make a character sheet)

    What also came to my mind is that on Pinterest you can search for the user „character design references“, they also have lots of boards with anthropomorphized animals. Maybe there are good references there.
    But in general I think this is more a problem of character design! And I think if you look for tips on how to make a character lineup look consistent, you will find much more resources.
    Hope that helped a bit!

  • I remember seeing some sketches from Cory Loftis who worked on zootopia. That might be something to look into. Not sure how much of it's online, but you might be able to find some scraps.



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