Anyone (past or present) taking the Sterling Hundley class?

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    Hi guys! I'm thinking about enrolling in the Sterling Hundley peer-guided class, because I really need to work on concepting. Anyone else enrolled? Anyone already taken it who can give me an honest review?

    I'm a little concerned because I didn't know this class was about to start until yesterday, and due to prior commitments I can't start working until Monday at the earliest. Will I get terribly behind?

    Thank you for any input!

  • @LauraA Hi Laura!
    I'm currently in the class as well! I haven't taken any SVS Course before, so I can't offer feedback on the quality yet. I can tell you that this first lesson is relaxed and based on orientation and getting materials together, (I just finished most of the material and am working on the writing assignments) so personally I'd expect that starting on a monday would not put you far behind.
    There's no drawing assignments today, so I hope that helps!

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    @worksofheart Thanks! What is due by Monday? That's what I am concerned about because I will be out of town this weekend and I am 8 hours ahead of Utah time and so Monday won't help that much. But if it doesn't require me to draw at least maybe I can think about it. Thanks!

  • @LauraA this is what the email from yesterday said:

    "The class kicks off with a short orientation on Feb 14, yes on Valentine's Day! But you'll have the weekend to do the orientation and prep for the new class content on the following Monday.

    New content will be released on Mondays and Fridays, and there will be weekly assignments.

    This class is video only, and you'll work through the course with all the other students who enroll for the same session. There is a forum built into the class, where you can connect with fellow students : )"

    Also, the class is 5 weeks, not 4 like I thought. I don't think you'll get behind, but in a couple hours I will watch the orientation video and will try to let you know what kind of prep it is. It does really seem like you get the regular assignments on Monday and after anyway.

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    @carolinedrawing Thanks! So it goes until March 16? I'm just going to be gone a couple of weekends due to prior commitments, namely this one and the 7-8th. But if I went ahead and enrolled, perhaps I could watch the first video and look at the materials this evening. I just don't want to get too behind, because I want to give the course all the attention it deserves!

  • @LauraA I can't tell! I just barely took a look at the first few things, and it does say this is a class where you go at your own pace. It's best when people can keep up and post their assignments to the threads to see how others are doing, but this means you shouldn't have any problems with the occasional schedule conflict.

    I'm pretty motivated to see what kinds of things are in a class like this, so while I usually wouldn't have signed up for a class without any interaction from the instructor, this was something I really wanted to do.

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    @carolinedrawing I agree! I think I'll jump in!

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