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  • Is it too late for Smashing Pumpkins fan art?


  • Ain't no party like a goose party


  • @gimmehummus So cuuute!!!

  • @gimmehummus K, now I have to dig up " the Ugly Duckling " by Danny Kaye from my playlist... nice sketch!

  • Been working on this today and alternating between wanting to laugh and cry. This was my grandma at about age 16. She passed away in 2014 at 84. She loved painting and reading so I wanted to combine those into a cartoon of her.

    I started this about 2 weeks ago but it turned out blah. The whole thing just didn't feel like my grandma at all. The new one is a lot more like her.


  • I started coloring this sketch but got bored. It felt like nothing was happening even though they were in different poses. I wanted to include more action but couldn't get my head around how it would look so I turned to Sketchup (free 3D program). Just as an aside - Sketchup is not easy to use. I went to college for 3D and I was like sfoiawjgfaerngainregianrifareimfa. But it did help me work things out. That's the third image. The one in the middle is where it's at right now.


  • Big fluffy purple clouds over Shorewood, IL as I got on Rt 80 this afternoon.


  • I'm loving these! My favorites so far are the goose party & the purple clouds over the highway - good stuff!

  • Messing around with my cintiq. This was inspired by an artist names Hayley Mitchell. One of her paintings is there in the corner. I made her into some kind of empress of color.


  • @gimmehummus Ha. I actually live in Ottawa, IL. Surprising to find someone so close on here.

  • I like yours better hers is nice but very graphic/flat yours has much more dimenstion ot it.

  • Thanks. I love Hayley's paintings because of all the color.

    @Pixby Yay Illinois!

  • SVS OG

    @Pixby - Joliet, IL here! So neat to find that there are a few of us from this general area! Along with @gimmehummus and myself, @Chip-Valecek is also from the area!

  • @Pixby @Rich-Green @Chip-Valecek Illinois folks - do you participate in any local illustration groups? I know SCWBI has a chapter in IL but I don't have the funds right now to be a member 😞

  • SVS OG

    @gimmehummus - Actually the local SCBWI Illustrators network meetings are open to the public. I am a member but I just confirmed this with the two ladies who run this chapter and they asked me to please extend an invitation for you to join in future meetings.

    You can find some details on the following page:

    The Chicago-Area Illustrators Network has meetings on one Saturday a month up at the Des Plaines public library.

    I started going to them just about two years ago and I really LOVE it. I have met some really great people and learned all kinds of things. Each month they cover a different topic, or have a guest speaker etc. And there is time available at the end of each meeting to allow for critiques of projects/portfolios whatever anyone attending wants to share.

    They have not yet posted the dates for Jan/Feb/March but they will get added to the site I sent the link too. I believe the one in January is going to be on the 16th (they usually run from 9:30-Noon) but I can send you an update/confirmation on that as soon as they send the details out to the group.


  • @Rich-Green Awesome! Glad I asked about it. Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This is lovely ❤

    @gimmehummus said:

    Big fluffy purple clouds over Shorewood, IL as I got on Rt 80 this afternoon.

  • SVS OG

    @gimmehummus - they just sent out the following info for the upcoming meetings of the SCBWI Chicago Area Illustrators Network!

    Jan 23, 9:30-Noon: Tricks and Techniques. Have you found an art supply or digital trick that you can’t live without? Come share it with your illustrator friends and expand our collective wisdom. Whether it’s a pen, paper, paint, or Photoshop filter, curious minds want to know! Mini-demos would be much appreciated. For digital artists, we’ll have a Mac loaded with Photoshop and Illustrator & projector available.

    Feb 20, noon - 2:30pm (note time change): Art Director, Jordan Kost, Jordan Kost, art director at Albert Whitman will be on board to discuss the process of publishing children’s books. Come for what’s sure to be an enlightening look into how books are made at Albert Whitman, and what an illustrator brings to the table.

    March 26 - TBA

  • @gimmehummus You know, I hadn't even considered it, or knew something like that existed. Pretty cool idea, though. I'll have to think more about it.

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