Props class WIP: Please critique.

  • Lamp assignment wip.jpg

    Here is a sketch of my lamp assignment so far. I think the table needs to be straightened out a bit when I get to that point. Do the items look like they go together? Should I make the end of the scroll chunkier? I want to make the first ball bigger and flat-ish, but i am afraid to loose the detail of the end of the paper. Can you guess whose table this is?

  • @jenithornhill

    Hi! answering your questions in my opinion, in order:

    1. Items -yes- table -maybe not enough
    2. Scroll -good- lightens up the heaviness
    3. I'd leave it as a ball not flat, maybe a little wider to fit with the roll up of the paper -looks very loose, hanging off
    4. I'd keep the part you want to emphasise - paper- I like the edge coming forward -nice element- and the hanging tassel
    5. I'd say Santa -scroll/list, hot coco/whip, and the colours red and green
      *6. Suggestion would be to have the legs of your table resemble a reindeer or another recognisable element

    🙂 This class class look so tempting. I wasn't sure about the vehicle class until I saw how the Shane draws -looks like I could really get into it but I will have to wait (for both).

    Please keep sharing your wip here. 🙂

  • Theres a few things you can do to connect the lamp and table. I think the shape language can he improved.

    1. The lamp is nice and tall and the table/desk looks small comparatively, you can extend the legs more.
    2. Also the base of the lamp and the lamp shade are nice solid bold shapes. Using the same mind of thicker shapes in the table legs might help too. Like a bigger cube for the feets. Or a taller cylinder for the center part of the legs. Relate the shapes of each prop to your main prop (i.e. the lamp).

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