Vehicle Design course

  • @ArtofAleksey Great choices. Remember, you donโ€™t have to draw it at exactly the same angle as the thumbnail image.

  • @shanehunt oh yes Iโ€™m super excited about that part, playing around with what these would look like from different angles

  • I have been watching too much star trek and thought about the kinds of jobs in space. Space botanist? Itโ€™s not done yet but i was excited to share my progress

  • I changed the back wing for drawing area reasons. Iโ€™m really into this. Gonna do colors next then move on to the next part.

  • @ArtofAleksey really really cool and fab you love it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @Heather-Boyd thanks! Cant wait to color it

  • @ArtofAleksey super cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ArtofAleksey Damn you wizards of linework! I'm jealous of how good this looks. Well done! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  • Ok Im done with this one. Moving on!

  • @ArtofAleksey This is rad. Excellent work.

  • @shanehunt it was really fun to do. This is really going to help me with the webcomic I wanna make. Thanks again for your help.

    Do you have more feedback you would be willing to share? I would greatly appreciate it

  • @ArtofAleksey these look like a whole lot of fun! I look forward to other ships in the making!

  • @ArtofAleksey

    Your drawing looks really cool but there are a few technical flaws, if it matters.

    I used to race a Hobie Cat with my dad. It's been many years but what you drew looks a lot like a jib sail. A jib is attached in front of the mast and behaves kind of like a parachute to catch the wind then the wind speed is coming from behind the boat.

    The front edge of the jib attaches to a cable, I believe called a stay that runs from the top of the mast to the bow of the boat, to make one side of a triangle. The free corner of the triangle has a rope, called a sheet, on it and that attaches through a block and tackle to the deck. The sail is sheeted in and out by tightening the rope or letting it out.

    A main sail would be a right triangle on the back side of the mast with the vertical side attached to the mast and a pole called the boom holding the bottom of the sail straight. Just as the cartoons depict, when you change direction (tack) the boom will swing across the deck and smack you in the head if you're not fast enough.

    The pontoons look like a reed boat which would likely have ropes binding the reeds and holding the curve of the bow. However that rope would never be attached to the block and tackle holding the sheets for a sail.

    The block and tackle holding the sheets slides from side to side on a rail attached to the deck, depending on which side the wind is coming from.

    Finally, the ramp/steps on the bow of the boat would catch the bow wave created by the movement of the boat through the water and weight the front end, pulling it under water and possibly causing the boat to pitch-pole forward and turtle, ie, land upside down in the water.

    I've given you enough vocabulary words to google. Hope it helps. And it is a cool looking picture.

    Finally, this stirred a lot of wonderful memories of sailing on Lake Michigan with my dad. Thank you for that. He passed in 2016 but we had good times. Cheers!

  • @Kim-Hunter ya lost me..not sure where but somewhere ya lost me. I would really like to learn this though. Is there a good diagram that you know of you would be willing to recommend so i can have a visual to match your descriptions? Im def gonna google this a bit at a time though.

    im sorry to hear he passed. Im glad you had great adventures together.

  • Thanks. google how to rig a sailboat

  • @ArtofAleksey Kim brings up a valid point: itโ€™s worth taking the time to understand the basic mechanics of your subject. But at the same time, itโ€™s unrealistic to expect exactly accurate engineering down to the smallest detail. As your drawing moves closer to the abstract/cartoon, the engineering (in this case, the sail rigging) will be more and more simplified. But when your drawing is more on the representational side of the spectrum, accuracy becomes more and more important. Your drawing is probably on the side of representational and therefore should probably reflect a more accurate rigging assembly.

  • @ArtofAleksey Sorry, one more thing... Remember, the main point of all this is to keep the viewer engaged in the story. Inaccuracies can distract knowledgeable viewers and pull them out of your stories.

  • @ArtofAleksey I think this is totally awesome. You gonna put it on instagram?!

  • @shanehunt @Kim-Hunter ok cool I can definitely work on that.

    @Coley yes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ok for my last assignment i wanted to make one of those old timey 4x4 with the wooden wagon and those 1920s wheels and put one of those fantasy engines on the back. Iโ€™m trying to play around with the balance because the back definitely feels heavy so i put a truck exhaust closer to the front. I think i can do more with the Caricature of the design. Heres a rough sketch of the idea. I might try a few more silhouettes. I think i might also change it from a 20s truck to a 50s truck because Shanes ecample was a 20s vehicle.

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