So exited about the new content being releised!

  • I have been looking for online courses related to visual development, for example propdesign and environment design. So exited about the new course track SVS is releasing! I will subscribe as soon as I have the time to take the courses again. How are you all finding the new content?

  • @hakepe amazing. Im doing the prop design and going to do the vehicle design course. Art directors keep telling me I have a knack for designing objects and I gotta admit Iā€™m having a lot of fun.

  • I immproved my lighting and shadow skills and my perspective skills by doing the courses in level one. i'm working on prop design and it's great. You really get a very concrete way of breaking down how to approach building props! I am sure the process will stick with me from here on out. I'll do the vehicle one after I finish prop design. šŸ™‚ The curriculum is totally worth it and there's more to come, so exciting!

  • @Aleksey Thank you for the info.

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