Dual Personalities and Resumes!

  • I'm currently 10 years in my career as a Web and Graphic Designer (More web then design though:( ) And I've had a good career. But my love is art. Specifically comic and illustration art.

    In an attempt to have a semi-separate career as an Illustration; I'm wondering if I should create a completely new resume thats separate the Illustrator from the Web Designer. I can use my experience to help with the client and business side but I don't want new people to think I am clearly a web designer when I am both.

    My Web Portfolio: jeremythomasdesigns.com
    Hasn't been updated in a couple years.
    My new Art Portfolio: jeremythomas-art.com

    My guess would be to create a new resume even though I don't have any direct work yet in the industry. I can fill it with some of my design experiences that relate to illustration.

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    @jthomas Absolutely! Separate website and resume is a must 🙂 It's totally different skills and the relevant experience is different as well. When I started my illustration career, I'd done a lot of logo design work while in school so I decided to put that in my resume and portfolio. I ended getting only logo design gigs, which is not what I wanted. I took out all the logos, re-did my resume, and haven't gotten a logo gig since. While your web and design experience is a related field that will certainly end up helping you in your illustration career, if you put that in your resume you're likely to get more of the same... You can maybe quickly mention that's what you've been up to the last 10 years and are now looking to transition to art, but don't go into much detail (gigs, clients, not relevant). Instead, make the bulk of the resume about any training you have, commissions you've taken in the past, art awards you've won, personal projects you've completed, etc. Good luck!

  • Much appreciated! I agree on all points!

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