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  • I was going to start coloring this in oil pastel but I thought I would post my sketch on here to see if anyone had any thoughts. Like maybe something that looks odd or isn't working? I intended this story to be picture book but it ended up working out better as a middle-grade chapter book. I really enjoyed making thumbnails for it so I'd like to use a couple spreads for my illustration portfolio.

    Side question: Thoughts on a multimedia portfolio? (ex. some illustrations in watercolor/gouache and some in oil pastel?) Would you separate them into 2 sections or are they close enough that you mix them together and it doesn't matter? Or should I just stick to one?

    Keywords: movement, celebratory, joyous, busy


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    Kara, I wonder if moving to a value sketch might be a good thing? It's hard to tell from the sketch how you're going to handle light, depth, etc.

    Could you use your photo in a paint program to play with possible greyscale value thumbnails without having to actually do anything to your original canvas? Or print your picture out a couple times and play with some black/grey colored pencils before committing to anything?

    Just a thought.

    I can't offer anything about different media in your portfolio. I've heard both sides of the argument. BUT, I can say that more and more artists are simply creating different sections on their websites if they care about differentiating between them. AND that more and more multimedia is being used all the time, so perhaps keeping them separate isn't necessary anymore... ?

  • Good idea, I'll make some copies and try doing a few value studies, I haven't thought about light source yet but that's would be a good thing to figure out next. I'm wondering about my dancers' feet in the bottom left...I cut them off...I may need to redraw with them totally in the frame or cut them off more but then I'm afraid it won't look like they're in motion...I'd like to have space for text as well. I need to do a couple more thumbnails I think.

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