Basic Perspective class assignments practice

  • I've been practicing the assignments from the new perspective class by David Hohn (I know he's here in the forum but forgetting his forum name!) in the curriculum. Rather painful for me to learn, lol but I am bound and determined this is the year for me to nail this perspective stuff! Most of what I have practiced so far has just been on paper in my sketchbook but today I tried some in photoshop. I think I'm getting it but the cubes sometimes look a little off and I don't always know why. I tried filling in the lines for the far/hidden sides of the top cube and they weren't lining up too well. It may be that some of my orthagonals are off a little anyhow as it gets a bit hard to see exactly where the vanishing point is on the horizon line after a while (once I add a bunch of orthagonals the exact point gets lost/covered up if that makes sense).
    Also learning how to make straight lines on the diagonal was a process lol. Getting it , will keep practicing as I want it to become second nature. I also have a tablet and not a graphic display (at least for now - that really has to change).
    Going to practice 30-60 minutes each day for the next week (today was an hour to figure out how to set up my grid and do the diagonals and get the cubes done).
    Going to rewatch the last few videos as well, 🙂
    Learned some new stuff and only about half way through the course!Twopointpersppectivepracticejanuary10,2020.jpg

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