Our dreams are always with us

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    001 Our dreams are always with us.jpg

    🌟You are not alone. 🌟
    ❤️ Our dreams our always with us, waiting patiently. ❤

    This is a story idea I'm working on, to inspire children to be brave, to find and follow their dreams to create a better world.
    I have been experimenting with brighter colours. Any opinions or comments?

  • Love this graphic look!
    Since it is so heavily stylised, it is hard for me to make a meaningful comment about it on the technical side. I did notice that the value of her skin is extremely close to the value of the bush (is that a bush?) behind her which makes those two things blend together. That is probably an intentional decision that have nothing against, since this illustration looks very thought out. I am just pointing it out in case that was not your intention 😄

  • SVS OG

    @IgorWoznicki Hey Igor. Thanks for noticing the value of her face against the background. I can lighten the value of her face, that should work. I like this graphic look too, especially the bright colours, it's always evolving. Thanks.

  • Thank you for a nice picture!!)) I agree with these words, our dreams are always with us!! You remind me this, thanks!))

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