Howdy from Texas

  • Greetings everybody. I'm Richard from Richardson (Texas). I found out about this forum and the 3 Point Perspective podcast through my following of Jake Parker on social media. I've been lurking around for weeks trying to get comfortable with joining the conversation.

    I'm not an illustrator by profession, but I do sketch, doodle and draw art. I've been doing it most of my life - and I still find myself learning something new.

    To use and analogy from one of the podcasts, I'm pretty far up the mountain of art direction, graphic design and advertising, so a career path in illustration seems like a distant peak on a different mountain, that I may be too late to climb.

    I do love this community that SVS Learn has built, and when I feel confident enough, I'd love to participate in sharing feedback on your work, and maybe eventually, post something of my own.

  • Welcome Richard from Richardson! Checking out your blog- I loved that Moai piece from Inktober. So cool!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @dickdavid welcome to the forums!

  • Thanks! Good to be here.

  • @TessaW Thanks. A friend of mine bought the original as a gift for his boss. I didn't charge much only because I'm a little too unfamiliar with this world of taking money for something I had fun making. Hopefully, hanging around here, I can learn a few things and possibly understand the value of making things.

    The one thing I did learn, from another thread, is that I still retain the copyright.

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