January Prompt WIP (Critiques Requested)

  • @KathrynAdebayo Thank you Kathryn, I really appreciate it! I struggle with colors so I’m thankful to here that

  • 117FE350-84B3-44BB-B539-0FBB0B8E7EAE.jpeg

    I drew a few more sketches last night, not sure if I’m happy with these though! Many are similar to each other and don’t seem to solve the main problem at hand with showing the character’s emotion/facial expression while also moving the eye around the canvas in a pleasing way. I guess my mind keeps prioritizing the size contrast between the character and the monster. I think I’ll keep plugging away at these after work 🤔 I had some sketches previous to my original that I never posted. Maybe I should consult these for my next round of comps (ignore the failed sketches in the upper-right...)


  • @Kalimostlypaints love to see your process and I like a lot of your thumbnails. I think there are so many workable ones, depending on what story you want to tell.
    Talking about thumbnails, Lee made a youtube video about how to do thumbnails and how to choose. I found it very informative and inspiring. Maybe it could be something interesting for you as well?

  • @xin-li Thank you Xin, I appreciate your recommendation 🙂 I’ll give this a watch tonight before I work on the thumbnails. I’ve always had trouble with them, especially with making them small enough!

  • I think that I am just about done here... scared to call it finished until the end of January lol! Definitely not perfect but possibly one of my best lighting pieces so far (in my opinion, anyway) 53ED036A-D123-40AA-B721-EA3EFFA174F1.jpeg

  • @Kalimostlypaints super cool! In fact i have a similar idea... and now nobody will believe me;-) There is a mountain in Slovenia that looks like a giant and I wanted to use it in my illustration. I won't give up this idea but now i have a harder task having such great competition! Anyway well done 🙂

  • @aska Thank you! 🙂 I think a few others had the same idea as well, great minds think alike!

  • Wonderful! My only thought on anything to change would be to have different values on the trees...closer to the viewer darker...would add a bit of contrast to the overall piece and get more of a sense of depth. I really love how you handled this challenge, great job!

  • @Kalimostlypaints it looks really good, my suggestion is to look at the balance of the little boy. I think the leg closest to is should be closer to the footprint than the one further away from the footprint... The feet look like you could draw a horizontal line right under them wish makes the back one look longer. It's a super cute idea and the composition is great!

  • the snow looks amazing, well rendered!

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