Got a little bit of disappointing news this morning

  • Starting out the new year feeling a little bit deflated...just found a project that I had been working on for months is getting canned. Was working with a local bar to develop their cocktail menu at a new location and I was getting to fill it with illustrations.

    The bar chain is a long-time client, (bar clients are still the best clients, BTW), and their logo features a pig I had drawn years ago on a napkin. Over the years I’ve probably drawn this pig 50 times, for posters, events, t-shirts, etc. My thought was to put the pig in all kinds of single-panel adventures as the reader peruses the different sections of the menu: rums, vodkas, bourbons, specialty cocktails, etc. I was having a blast with it even though I ended up re-flowing the menu over and over as they changed their product offerings (should have been my first clue), and eventually they came to the conclusion that a full-size printed menu would be too much of an expense to keep up to date.

    Anyway, the menu will end up being a stylized list printed out in-house as they run out of things, so the fun illustrations are a no-go. Wanted to post them up just so someone else gets to see them before they go away.

    Thanks for letting me vent ;0
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  • @Aaron_T That does indeed suck 😞

    Did you have a contract in place with a cancellation clause of some kind? Or was this a friendly local kinda handshake deal?

  • @Braden-Hallett There was a pseudo-contract, but nothing that dealt with a cancellation of just the illustrations. Since they’re an existing client I didn’t even think about the menu not getting done, just variations on page count and color options. I should have put a cancellation contract together for the illustrations by them selves, but because I’m also designing the entire menu I thought about it as a package deal. I’m still designing the smaller menu shells, so technically the job didn’t get canceled, so I think I have to chalk this one up to a lesson learned.

  • Really sorry to hear that. Hope you find other ways to utilize this character.

  • Sorry to hear about the cancellation of your project. Looks like some really fun work. Since they're doing a different menu design, does that mean they're changing their brand as well, or just trying to keep costs down?

  • Bummer! Sorry to hear the bad news.

  • Sorry to hear it got cancelled. Those pigs are cute though, maybe you can utilize them in another way for a story or something.

  • Thanks for the commiseration! Just a little disappointing. @dickdavid Not changing their brand, but it’s more about work and effort to keep up with a constantly-changing inventory. If they end up having to print the whole menu a couple of times a week it will get too complicated to manage, even if it is just a dozen pages each time.

  • SVS OG

    Can they use the illustrations for sales or specials? Like $1 PBR night? Or something like that? I’m sure they will be used for something. They’re pretty clever. They could go in the little clear things that are on the table? Especially if it’s a half sheet.

  • @Whitney-Simms Thanks for the ideas...they’re talking about using them on social media which wouldn’t be terrible, but not as fun as a whole menu design.

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