JANUARY CONTEST WIP: feedback welcome

  • Going to try to work on the January prompt before the end of the month. Have a couple of concepts but feel like this one has the most promise. Can’t wait to work on this one!


  • After playing with this for an evening I don’t know that there’s enough of a story with just the one character...probably going to go back to the original idea of having friends playing a prank on poor Will.

  • @Aaron_T I like that idea! What if the friends look like Jake and Lee? Maybe that's what you planned.

  • @deborah-Haagenson That’s the plan! Not great with drawing identifiable people so it will be a fun challenge ✌

  • Once a friend of mine played a similar prank on me in Finland :-). We were out skiing. She was much faster than me, and she used her ski to make a shape on the snow that looked like a trace left by some kind of birds. I actually stopped and took several photos. When we came back to the cabin, I was very excited and showing her the pictures of the exotic track. She laughed so hard - she confessed that it was her standard joke whenever she got a chance to take a foreign visitor to ski.

    With your image: I think the story might be clearer if Will is doing something, like taking a photo with his phone or getting really close to study the track.

    Great starting point. I would play a bit more with the comp to see if there is a better image with this concept.

  • @Aaron_T cute idea especially if you make this is Will, Jake, and, Lee! Couple thoughts...the boys in the foreground look about the same size as will, they should probably be a bit bigger. Also my eye keeps wandering toward the tree cut down in the background...did the boys do that?

  • @xin-li Ha Ha! That hilarious...so funny that the picture actually happened to you! Good idea on having him taking a picture too...That makes him a little more invested in the scene. And @KaraDaniel, I agree! This was just a quick cut&paste from two sketches. Will was better in the first one so their sizes are all wonky. I’m working on the updated doodle now! I need a little more space on the right side anyway so this is a good opportunity to stretch the canvas a bit.

    Thanks both for the feedback!

  • Now I think we’re getting somewhere!


    Of course, if this is a prank....I may not be able to get away with the broken tree in the background...

  • @Aaron_T I think you can keep it in by just giving the other character an ax or chainsaw.

  • For the December prompt I tried to stick with a style outside of my normal comfort zone, it took forever. I’m tempted to try doing that again with the softer pencil look of the first image since it’s closer to Will Terry’s style, I’m so much faster with the ink and color of the second style. For this concept which would you prefer? The first image was begun before I incorporated the suggestions, so it would be redone.



  • Currently:

  • @Aaron_T I like the style you chose. Looking good.

  • @Aaron_T This is looking good, I love the narrative!

  • Geez...kind of fell off the face of the earth on this one. Have been working a little bit here and there, but not as much as I should be. I adjusted some of of the line work in an effort to make it less coloring-book style, but here’s where it stands.

  • Didn’t like the direction the previous illustration was headed, so I started over. In this version I do like the black and white line work, but still not sold on the colorized option. Still, this color is better than the first one.

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