Basic Perspective Final Assignment - Worm's Eye

  • I just did the final assignment from the new @davidhohn class.

    It was a great refresher, and I loved the talk about the cone of vision. I had not heard that explained before. Very helpful.

    I chose to do the final from a worm's eye POV. It really helped me understand some of the nuances that go into that POV. It was especially tricky because of how I was using the horizon line as the floor. It did weird things when I wanted to draw the rug. I think after finishing that bottoms of the objects are not quite correct and should be down further.

    Thanks, @davidhohn it was a great course.

    I think I might take this and "start carving into the boxes" and see what we get.


  • SVS Instructor Pro

    Bold POV! I like it!

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