Basic Perspective Class, Final Assignment

  • I finished @davidhohn's basic perspective course. I've been going through Scott Robertson's How to Draw and it was really nice to see to see a course that helped me understand much of the information presented in the book.

    Any critiques are welcome!IMG_0351.PNG

  • @Random-Fluffers

    Some verticals look a little wobbly. If you haven’t already place this work on a larger white page and draw through to ensure your perspective lines match up. A tangent I noticed is at the right corner of the bed is meets the vertical line of the side table (perhaps add a bit of space between the two forms).

    Those are my thoughts. I haven’t taken this class yet. Keep at it. 🙂

  • @Heather-Boyd Thank you! I didn't even notice my verticals where so off until I posted the image.

  • I think it's looking pretty convincing on the whole. The cylinder looks really great- those are hard to do! I haven't taken this course, but if we are going for strict technical perspective- yes, some of the verticals are tilted in an inconsistent way. Also the white "window" on the wall- the top line seems to point to a lower horizon line than most of the other forms. It's not as noticeable when I look at it on my desktop, but it somehow looks more prominent when I look at it on my phone. Without checking, I don't know if it's actually the case, but it looks like that to me. I also think it would be a nice challenge/learning experience to add some depth to the "window". That might be out of the scope of the assignment however.

    Getting comfy with perspective is a huge game changer and it looks like you are well on your way. Great job. 🙂

  • SVS Instructor Pro

    @Random-Fluffers Great to see this! Nicely done. I'm a big fan of How To Draw -- so much great info in there! But it can get overwhelming real fast. I appreciate reading that this Basic Perspective class establishes a foundation to better understand that book.

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    @Random-Fluffers When drawing perspective in Photoshop, you can hold down SHIFT while drawing a brush stroke make a perfectly vertical or horizontal line (depending on the direction you're aiming). This is a life saver for perspective drawing!

  • I decided to take it a step further and do a quick sketch over the boxes!


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    @Random-Fluffers Very lovely! Your furniture is so on point 🙂 But also try to think of things like molding, light switches, wall plugs, heating vents/appliances like baseboard heaters, etc. We ALL tend to forget about those but they're really important to make a room feel real!

  • SVS Instructor Pro

    @Random-Fluffers One of the things that I notice in this drawing is the attention you paid to how things are built. How one piece of wood in joined to another. Notably in the bed and side table and toy chest. That is so often overlooked! I always enjoy getting the reference needed to fill in these kinds of details, as it tell me more about the person who lives in this space.

    Not to give more "homework" but if you are interested(and when you have a chance), try adding in the tonal information. It can be as simple as what you did in the first version of this assignment. The illusion of 3D space on a 2D plane will really start to pop!

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