Working on a study, and wasnt sure of the art style

  • Hi guys,

    Still trying to understand the technicalities of illustration.
    This is me copying art from Alberto Mielgo.

    Question, is the style on the right a concept art loose painting style or a comic.
    Lines are uses very sparingly.

    Thanks for fielding my basic question


  • Hey @Dwayne-Neckles, the original piece doesn't strike me as either a pure painting or "American comic book", although it has some elements from both. In comics, you can usually draw a very sharp distinction between inking and colouring. The artist has used a very mixed bag of techniques here and it strikes me as closer to a speed-painty "concept art" style than anything else. It's a digital piece, but it feels like mixed media. There are some painterly elements in the face, the line art, and the very 3D technical illustration of the headphones.

    I hope that's helpful.

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    @Dwayne-Neckles hi! I hope itโ€™s alright to ask, why do you want to know?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Its fine to ask, I'm new at this so anything I can do to help you and others help me is ideal!

    I asked because it would help knowing how to create it. Reading the Art of the spiderverse book the art came frome, my mind already was in comic, so Initially I used lines cause i was following the lines on his lips cheeks and eyes..they look like scribbles right? But gettting to the outer parts of the face i realized it they werent any lines, so I slowly realized that it was just a painting to make it seem comic like by adding lines here or there.

    I will start over and treat it as a speed painting now..

    Also in order to create studies of something i like, i have to learn to visually break down art that i like to determine what im seeing.

    hope that helps understand why i asked.

  • @Basil-Godevenos It is very very helpful. I'm still learning how to recognize different styles and techniques.. and even a mix mash of the two, thanks SO much... i will revise that "study" as if i was painting it digitally..

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    @Dwayne-Neckles You said it though, the important part is to "visually" break it down ๐Ÿ™‚ Putting a label on it is not necessary and may even give you biases that hinder you. When it comes to master studies, unbiased observation is the key! Think not of how it should be, but how it is. You realized by yourself through observation that it was more of a painting than drawing, so you're on the right track!

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