Ink then Watercolor? Or Watercolor then Ink?

  • I have a question for all those of you who work in pen and ink and watercolor. Do you draw, then ink, then fill in with watercolor? Or do you draw, paint, and then enhance with ink? And why? Ok discuss! I'm trying to decide based on which illustrations I prefer and I can't decide. 🙂

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    @charitymunoz Both, or either. 🤣 I used to do watercolor then ink because I didn’t have good waterproof ink and it would run when i painted. When I started using good ink I would paint after I finished inking but I noticed that when I go real heavy in watercolor it gets chalky and hides the ink lines. Now I’m doing a light ink before and then finishing after I watercolor.

  • @burvantill yep, same. It depends on the effect you want and the tools you've got. Sometimes I like the chalky look - it softens the lines. Sometimes it's nice to go a bit mad splashing paint around and then draw over, more or less ignoring the paint. Sometimes paint then some ink then some paint then more ink 🙂

  • @charitymunoz One expert I read says it depends on who you want to be the star. Whichever is most important should get first rendering .

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