Struggling with perspective on reindeer head

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    I'm really struggling with the perspective on his head, he's eye position and I think nose, I just can't get it to not look weird and I've looked and played with it too much now, any suggestions? I loosely tried to use the head position from this photo

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    @anya-macleod It really doesn't look that bad, but I think the nose is seen too much from the front compare to the rest of the head. In your reference picture the nose makes more sense because he's turned a bit more towards us than yours is. But that can be hard to notice because the eyes are so wide set on a reindeer. The easiest fix would be to take everything left of the nose and nudge it more to the left, giving it more space but keeping the eye at the same angle because it is very wide set.They also don't have nearly as much eye white, which makes your reindeer look a little bit cray-cray!

  • Awesome thanks I'll try that! Good to know it's not too bad I think I've just been staring at it for too long and it's morphing before my eyes haha! The white was supposed to be reflections but maybe I'll make them smaller if it's reading as the eyeball 😄

  • @anya-macleod I don’t think it’s looking as bad as you think but once you stare at something too long it’s hard to see it correctly sometimes. I think the big things to fix are the nostrils and the closer eye. The nostrils aren’t lining up with the center of the head. Run a line down the center of the head and line the nostrils according to it. Looks like we’re seeing it closer to straight on when they should be closer to 3/4 so hide that left nostril more and bring the right nostril closer to the left so it is more centered. The right eye has a similar issue. It looks like your looking at it straight on. Think of the plane that the eye is a part of. It should be angled back into space just a bit more. After you fix those see how it looks and if it still feels off try hiding that left eye a bit more, slimming it down. Hope this helps, best of luck

  • @anya-macleod One thing I noticed is that you've made the reindeer's head quite rounded. In the photo its head is more cylindrical, longer and looks flatter on his fod.
    I've done a basic shape draw over to compare the dimensions. Try blurring the reference photo too, to remove detail. I use a field blur - then i can see its basic shapes more easily. or squint! 🙂



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    @anya-macleod I was a bit confused by your explanation of the white as reflection. After looking at it again, I think I understand the confusion! I was talking about the white around the eye, which I read as the eye white around the pupil but now think is actually lighter fur around the eye. It can easily read as eye white and make the reindeer seem really wide-eyed and a bit crazy!

  • @Griff thankyou for the tips, I didn't even think about the planes of the eye bring different! @sigross that is super helpful thankyou! I think I tried to make his head more cute and rounded and that messed up my perspective, tracing the shapes looks really helpful will try that next time!
    @NessIllustration ohh yep the lightness around the eye is supposed to be lighter fur

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