Slowvember--typical last minute analysis paralysis!

  • SVS OG

    I have about three hours left to work and pondering variations: Definitely want to go darker with the background (compared to yesterday), but I've been messing around with two ideas all day--swirls, and desaturation. Not sure they can both be in the same piece. Here are some variations. In one desaturated version I've greyed down the bird too much, but I can fix that. What do you guys think? Thanks!

    Slowvember for finish final day.jpg Slowvember for finish final day (desat, no swirls) copy.jpg Slowvember for finish final day (pink song subtle).jpg Slowvember for finish final day (green song).jpg Slowvember for finish final day .jpg

  • I love the colours you have chosen. The background and foliage complement each other really well. The striking colours of yellow, orange and pink are doing the trick in terms of creating focus and highlighting the subject(s).

    I think the third option reads the best. I am assuming the pink swiggly lines are sounds of the pink birdie! 🙂 Just a suggestion. Maybe the bird could be shown sitting on a branch. At the moment, it looks like its dangling from a thin leaf.

    Great job on this beautiful composition!

  • @LauraA Personally I really like the pink swirls on the bird as if she’s talking. It also enhances your composition. (Not that I can see anything wrong but now the swirls are there I love it more)
    I’m also starting to get the impression that As an artist you look very Long and hard at a piece and notice Some very subtle differences.

  • SVS OG

    Thanks for your input @Oriana-Fernandez and @peteolczyk. I went out to clear my head and now I'll figure something out using your feedback!

    I am a slow decision maker who gets a bit overwhelmed with all the options. I keep hoping it will get easier as I work more, but for now let's just say that Slowvember is my favorite monthly challenge!

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