Class on Digital Image creation?

  • Does SVS offer a class or video that goes in detail about how any artist (traditional or digital) can go from their finished work to a marketable image for use online (website, social media) or print products? I need more understanding of converting RGB to CMYK, how to make images ready for licensing, how to make Facebook banners, why resolution is lost when scaling an image larger or smaller, how to avoid loss of quality, when to use jpg or png, what to submit by email (size etc)...also things I don't know enough to ask, probably. I'm sure that class would focus on Photoshop but would be great if it also talked about free options like GIMP and others. Or perhaps just covering the basic concepts and teaching us how to teach ourselves / what to watch out for, regardless of program used. Thanks!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Amanda-Bancroft I don't think they have a class specifically for that. If you are looking for some specific information on the subject let me know. I work with this sorta stuff all the time for work.

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