Help with a river

  • Hello, I need help making this river look like it is flowing... right now it looks more like a lake because it looks so still... what can I add or take out to make it look like a gently flowing stream with movement? Thanks!

  • @tazzyartist I think it looks still because the ripple lines are going horizontal and the reflections of the trees are very formed, I think if you changed the lines in the water to go with the flow and broke up the reflections it would look more flowing 😊

  • Pro

    @tazzyartist Head to Google images and find yourself a good reference that looks like what you want! Observe what makes it look flowy. From a quick search, I saw images with a lot more white where the water is agitated. Over the rocks in the middle of your river, the water would pool and spray, and creating movement where the water has to go around. You drew it like tranquil water right now. Observe a real flowing river in photos to know how to do it 🙂

  • The one thing that strikes me right off the bat is that if the water is moving, there should be vaguely "V"-shaped wake disturbances behind or in front of every rock breaking the surface.

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