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  • Hello everyone. I'm looking for some general feedback on my portfolio. I'm mostly curious to find out what my strengths/weaknesses are. Are there any pieces that stand out as really good or bad? Which ones reflect my skills and which ones should probably be removed. I'm hoping this feedback will help me find more focus in my work and in my career path.


  • @Tihara-Ezzo said in Portfolio Trim:

    I'm hoping this feedback will help me find more focus in my work and in my career path

    Can you answer this question first? That way you could get some feedback specific to what career path you're really interested in pursuing.

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    @Tihara-Ezzo This is a beautiful site and beautiful art! The only issue is that I feel you're not explicitly demonstrating your specialty. Your portfolio looks like a gorgeous collection of personal pieces. It demonstrates your skill, but not what this art could be used for.

    Right now it looks like you're going with the method "I can draw whatever you need me to", which sounds good in theory (more possible fields, more work), but really the end result is the opposite. Art directors usually play it very safe and if they need a specific sort of piece they'll go with an artist that has a portfolio filled with that stuff. Even if you would do the job just as well as them, it's not demonstrated. It's always hard for the human brain to picture something in a different context than what's presented. For example, just looking at your portfolio I have a hard time imagining your work in a children book - not because it wouldn't be lovely, but simply because there aren't book spreads in your portfolio. My brain doesn't make the link.

    You need to help art director contextualize your work. For instance if you want to do children books, then make some spreads. If you want to do concept art, then do some pieces of concept art. Look up professional pieces in your field of choice and copy the approach (how the art is presented) to help art directors see your art in that light. Unfortunately that means picking something and that can be tough if you're not sure what you want to specialize in. Just remember just because you narrow down your portfolio doesn't mean you'll only get work in that field. I recently scored a gig coloring a non fictional comic book with my children illustration portfolio. You can also change your mind later if you get tired of it. It can be scary to narrow down your portfolio, but in fact you will find that it brings you more opportunities not less. They will also be more of the kind of opportunities you really want, instead of a wide mish-mash of random jobs.

  • @NessIllustration Really lovely portfolio, I would get rid of the old work section as although the work is nice I think you have improved now ,one other problem when I clicked on Instagram it did not link.

  • @DOTTYP Thanks for the feedback! I didn't realize my Instagram page wasn't working, so I've fixed it.

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