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  • Hi everyone, I'd be really grateful for any feedback with a part of my Slowvember painting I'm working on. The choir is a section of the final piece and would love any thoughts on this image. Is there anything not right that stands out? Any ideas of how it could be improved? I'm struggling to give the woman holding the music any character, and not sure how to move on. Thanks very much ๐Ÿ™‚ IMG_0965.jpg
    PS: sorry for the image quality, light is a bit poor today

  • Iโ€™m working on a project with people caroling, too.

    She looks like a sweet girl to me, & I like her long hair. I think she looks a bit worried, due to the downward slant of her eyebrows. (Somewhat of the same thing with the man in the middle with the plaid scarf.)

    You could try moving her eyebrows over her eyes & maybe adding more of a curve or arch to them.

    You might also want to experiment with moving some of the cheeks/blush up, since cheeks are pushed up when you smile & that might help convey a happy/joyful mood. Most of these people look fairly somber to me other than the woman with the mink(?) stole. You could also experiment with different mouth shapes, and try giving one or two of them a more smiling mouth.

    The knit hat on the guy on the left seems a little small, unless heโ€™s meant to have a pointy head. It also seems a little crooked on his head.

    I like how you have people of different sizes with different hairstyles, & dressed them in different patterns. I also like how they are all huddled together. Having the kid hiding behind someone is a nice touch, too. Itโ€™s looking good. It will be fun to see the rest of your piece.

  • @Miriam Brilliant - thanks so much for this feedback. It's funny I hadn't really thought about the worried expressions but can see it so clearly now - they do look a bit 'un-festive', don't they? I'm going to work to get to work on those.
    The guy with the pointy hat is just meant to have a pointy hat. My dad used to wear his hat like that, perched on the top of his head but you're right it is at a funny angle.
    Thanks again for your comments, it's funny after a while how you can't see things for looking so hard!
    I shall look forward to seeing your work too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SVS OG

    It depends on what sort of character you want her to have. You have so much character in the other figures! If she's a mousy type, you can exaggerate her inwardly-turned feet, maybe giving her a slightly hunched posture. You have such a nice diva on the right that maybe there's some intimidation going on? Or maybe the girl in front is more of a type A (if you change her face a little, make her dart her eyes towards the diva, and give her a more dynamic pose) and is intent on keeping the diva in her place!

    I also might make the child look up a bit, since he's obviously a little shy. You've already got so much character potential going here. Play it up!

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