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    Slovember Update 50 Rough Raven Sketches (3).jpg

    So, this week I realized after reading, watching documentaries, sketching, and studying Ravens that my Slovember piece wants to go into my Arts Licensing Portfolio, not my Children's Book Portfolio. So, that's the plan.

    Then, yesterday after listening to 3 Point Perspective "The best Illustration Assignments." I decided to draw 50 Ravens to help me understand movement, gesture, etc. It worked. I plan to do this again, but to render them a bit more.

    My next steps are to do my thumbnails and do my top three.

    Ideas and comments are welcome, especially around gestures and poses.

    Thanks !

  • Favorites are... 25! and 29(?)... oh! and 13
    They look so effortless and not overdone 😃

  • Looks to me like you're making the right moves. All of those studies will help a lot. A lot of times when someone wants to draw something like an animal they will find a reference photos they like and just draw from that back doing studies will open up your options in terms of planning for your slovember piece. Looking forward to seeing the progress

  • Nice! I always have a hard time drawing 50 anythings 🙂 I always have a hard time with birds. Super subtle changes to head shape can be the difference between a raven and a black parrot.

    Lookin' forward to thumbnails 😃

  • So awesome to take on the challenge of draw 50 things. I did hands once, it was a pain but I learned a lot! I only thing I noticed was a lack of ravens in flight...maybe some more of those? I did a quick google search of raven landings and it came up with some great images that would make really interesting quick gestural studies. Really love that you've chosen to do Ravens...I saw one once right out my window, it was so incredibly beautiful...I believe they mate for life so it wold be neat to find a reference photo of a pair interacting.

  • @KaraDaniel Thanks.

  • @Braden-Hallett I agree. Head changes are a challenge. I studied the skull structure, so I can try to stay true to the main characteristics of a raven. However, when I'm drawing loose. I find myself loosing that structure.

  • This post is deleted!

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