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    Does anyone have any critiques for my drawings? Be as specific and picky as you can. Ive been doing Will Terry's class on composition, and I just wanna know what I can work on, on the composition. Thank you!

  • It looks like the thumbnails would all probably work and you know what your vision is. On the top drawing, I'd try to sihouette your character a little better so that the body parts are separated out and your character would be recognizable at a moments glance. Here's an example I found online...

  • Super cool! I'm not good at drawing mechs, they're super complicated. I like how you have more "exposed" areas, where you can see the inner workings, I really dig that.

    One thing you could consider is... try to have more different sizes in your shape design. Right now I see a lot of small and medium shapes. I think I would be super impact-ful to have some much larger shapes in there too. That way you don't end up with bloby looking areas -where the shapes don't really read too well.

    Here's Jake's robots as comparison: https://mrjakeparker.tumblr.com/post/58928118965/todays-robot

    He uses small, medium, large shapes very efficiently, making his silhouettes very readable. Maybe try coalescing some of the medium shapes together into one large shape, or try experimenting with some large shapes in the shoulders or head.

    I hope this is helpful ^_^;

  • Thank you so much! This helps a lot! i will definitely try that

  • This post is deleted!

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