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    And finally...thumbnails! I am most fond of 1, 2, and 3, but 2 has a different feeling from the others, with the figure silhouetted against a flat wall. In each case the child is looking at something she has discovered (leaf, small animal, puddle). I hope to choose one of these and get on to color and figure studies today. Votes, anyone? I would be most grateful because I need to get going! Thank you!!

    Slovember thumbnails.jpg

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    @LauraA first off, WOW you are super organized. Now I am scared to post my process since yours is so well done 👏

    As for your thumbnails, I like 1 and 2 the most. 1 gives more of the environment where 2 focuses on the character.

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    @Chip-Valecek Thank you!!!

    I have to be organized, because I am behind! 😂 Right now I am taking photos of myself in a raincoat, holding an umbrella, in poses similar to all three of the ones I liked most, because I have a lot of catching up to do. It might even help me decide!

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    Figure studies. Still have to make them look younger and stylize them, but I know the basic poses are doable.

    Slowember figure studies.jpg

  • First of all, I love your facial expressions! Regarding your thumbnails, my choice is 4. I like the figure being closer up and that staircase in the background.

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    @deborah-Haagenson Thank you, Deborah!

  • @LauraA I really like them Laura

  • @LauraA Really great studies Laura

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    Um, however did I wind up with this?!

    Slowvember color study.jpg

    I don't know, but I kind of like it where it is! And I like the square, close up version. Luckily I still have time to mess with it. I may do a bunch of different versions and choose on on November 30.

    Color favorites anyone? Anything sticking out as a problem?

    Slowvember alternative color study orange.jpg Slowvember alternative color study (yellow and light green)).jpg Slowvember alternative color study (yellow and brown).jpg

  • @LauraA Hi Laura! very interesting observations! I am also trying to use traditional media and digital, I work with gouache and coloured pencils and then import the art in photoshop and fix things.. What I noticed, is that I can more easily start something if I use the materials I like, and then photoshop can help me, specially with value, with which I struggle, as it is more difficult to control paints with tones and shades. But the challenge is fun!
    I love you work, and I also prefer n.2 thumbnail, as I like the proportion scale between the tree and the character, big/small.
    Good luck!

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    @Lucelfo Thank you! I looked at your style exercise and thought it was both consistent and that your work resembled what you chose. Very nice!

    And thank you for your thumbnail vote. I went with 4 because I wanted the figure to be bigger but wanted to work on plants, and then I ended up cropping it all out--go figure!

    Will keep trying variations but having to do lesson plans this afternoon. Thanks again!

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    @LauraA said in Slowvember progress:

    Color favorites anyone?

    I like the yellow one. It pops more then the orange.

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    So here's the experiment as it now stands. I'm trying to do something looser, but every time I start messing with style, chaos happens. At least we've still got eight days!

    Anything stand out here, for better or for worse? Does it get at nature, wonder, and intimacy? Thank you for any comments!

    Slowvember finished sketch compressed.jpg

    P.S. I'm probably going to work on that line at the top of the wall to soften it in some way.

  • Yay, you went with my favorite comp. I think you're hitting your theme well and I'm really loving where this looks like it's going. I'd perhaps play with pulling in a few patches of darker values on the right hand side. It looks a little unbalanced to me and is calling attention to that side with it's simplicity- almost mimicking the more graphic nature of the raincoat.

    Looking good!

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    @TessaW Thanks for your comments! I saw that you were right, and so I tried to balance out the foliage a bit while keeping the focus clearly on the left where the bird is.

    Here are my questions as I try to finish this piece with some kind of stylistic consistency:

    1. Does it work that the girl is just a silhouette with no skin coloring while the landscape is a bit more realistic?

    2. Are you thinking, "Go back to the realistic figures and faces."? So far I've tried coloring her hands and boots but didn't like the effect. I've also been trying to stylize the landscape a bit more. But there is still a week to work this out!

    3. Does the landscape have enough form, enough color variation, and is it consistent enough?

    4. Anything else catching your attention?

    I am in uncharted stylistic territory and this piece is one big experiment, but my goal is for it to be a successful finished piece even if not as "polished" and realistic as other things I have posted here.

    As always, thank you for your comments and I am looking for serious critique!

    Slowvember for finish copy.jpg

    P.S. That sky looked bluer on my Cintiq, but it also makes me wonder if I lost some color while collapsing layers. I'll go look into it...

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    Today's progress:

    Slight crop. Decided to go with a more realistic figure. Cleaned up some messy parts. Moved the bird and gave it more volume.

    Slowvember for finish 2 compressed.jpg

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