Folktale Week Illustrations - add yours :D

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    @lenwen I have ! 😀 I never seem to have the time tho. I’ll give it a try this month.

  • @Judy-Elizabeth-Wilson really loves your playful shapes and colors! looking forward to see more Judy :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

  • day 1: Home. I chose to illustrate a story from the city i was born in, Gent. 'Stroppendragers' was a mocking name given to people who refused to pay the high taxes that funded the ongoing war with France. Some were executed immediately by beheading but most of them had to undergo a humiliating walk through the city in their nightgowns and a noose around their necks which were a symbol of their crimes and the punishment they lead to.

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    First time doing #folktaleweek! "Home" I'm using Folktale week to loosen up on my gestures and to leave out the pen/black outlines I tend to do. Following the prompts with no real story based upon them, more of just thinking in a what I think is a folktale style. -Todd
    Untitled_Artwork (16).JPG

  • And for today's prompt 'Secret' i have chosen the story of 'Donkeyskin' A story similar to cinderella but in this case the princess must go into hiding and uses a donkeyskin to hide her true identity. Until ofcourse she finds her prince charming.

  • Oh man, I love all of these. Why are all the best art challenges loaded in the end of the year when all this other stuff is going on?

    I will have to participate in this one next year; as someone who hosts a comedy Folklore podcast it's deeply frustrating not to have the time to give this my all this year.

  • I didn’t join last year and probably won’t have time to do much this year, but I did whip out a little cover. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s work


  • I’m totally following you all this week. I can’t do it myself THIS week but I’m inspired to try my own soon. I’m loving all of your stuff!

  • Wowser! You're all amazing - I love seeing your work. Here's mine for day 3 - Path


  • @Heather-Boyd Thank you. This is my favourite art challenge of the year. I discovered it last year so knew it was coming up. I didn't have time for Inktober, but I love seeing everyone's work.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Thanks 🙂 The Illostories group makes everything easier - it's a FB group where everyone does their prep together from about 6 weeks before. I only found out about it a few weeks ago, but it's a really active community.

  • my day three illustration:

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    @SundayGirl76 wow really!? That’s so interesting! I’m going to check that out.

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    Day 2 - Secret. #folktaleweek2019 Nanny had kept a secret for a long long time. 🌷🌻🌹🌱🍁Day2_Secret_Folktale Week_judyelizabethwilson.jpg

  • @SundayGirl76 wow really cool!!!

  • Fourth day of folktaleweek: Smoke
    On a cold Christmas eve a young girl was sent out to sell matches on the streets. None wanted any and most ignored her. She wasn't wearing any shoes for a boy had stolen them and her clothes were too big and frazzled to keep her warm. Afraid to go home without any income, she huddles in a corner trying to keep warm with matches. With each match she imagined the heat of a stove, a warm hearth, delicious warm food and thought of her grandmother. She was the only person who ever was kind and loving toward her, unlike her parents who would beat her if she came home empty handed. Striking a match again she suddenly sees her grandmother standing over her. It fills her with utter joy, and before her shape can disappear in the darkness of the night the strikes several matches at once to look upon her grandmother's kind face longer. After those matches she doesn't strike up any more for she has left the world that has left her cold, to be with her grandmother who was sent to guide her on her way to were she will be happy once again.

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    Day3_Path_Folktale Week_judyelizabethwilson.jpg
    Day 3 - Path. #folktaleweek2019 All the best paths have dragons on them.

  • Day 5: 'Darkness' : Koschei, an immortal evil man. He's immortal because he hid his soul in an egg in a duck and in turn that duck is hidden away somewhere too. Only if you squeeze the egg you kill him.

  • day 6: Key: The golden horns of this buck are the key to untold riches to whoever can catch it and obtain its horns.

  • Hi everyone, happy Folktale Week!

    I was walking around my house and couldn't help but feel the pull to re-draw my floor mat with my own personal touch. This was a fun challenge for me because it's a style I'm not accustomed to illustrating in. I really enjoyed making this one.

    moonlight bird.JPG

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