Mickey'Softs Surface Studio 2 ~ & Picture Book Illustrating...

  • *Hello All....

    I've recently been faced with the Mickey'Softs info pop-up concerning the discontinued support for Windows 7... And where as my system is going on 11 years old I have been toying with the idea of investing in the Mickey'Softs Surface Studio 2.

    I have watched the video of Digital painting via the Apple iPad Pro & Procreate, however I really am not interested in spending that kind of money for such a small tablet when for a bit more of a hit I could end up with the Surface S2.

    My inquiry is for anyone and everyone who has used the SS2...?

    Worth Considering...

    I'm sure you all get the gist of my inquiry...

    I look forward to any and all input.

    Thanks, Jim... "Honored SVS Member..!"

  • I have a surface 2 and I love it. I highly recommned that you get the pen with it. I can use adobe and autodesk sketchbook with it with no problems. I really like that it is a laptop and a tablet. I also added a monitor to it and it really helps when I am opening up many different screens.

  • ...Thank You for your reply!

    I've looked into the Surface "tablet" as well as the iPad Pro, but again, for the cost I'm leaning towards getting the Surface "Studio 2" rather than a small tablet. (my i i's aren't what they use to be)

    Thanks Again!

  • SVS OG

    @JeckelNotHyde isn’t microsoft surface studio 2 an older model? Does it match up to the new ipad?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz I think he's talking about the giant all-in-one computer with the 28" screen that is also a full drawing screen rather than any of the actual Surface tablet/laptop devices.

    If that's the case, I'm just curious - at that price point, wouldn't it be a better investment to go with a new computer and a 21" Cintiq? I'd venture to guess the painting experience on the Cintiq would be better.

    The new Surface Studio model is about $3400. So the alternative could be something like:

    • A new $800 PC (which should be just fine for illustration work - you could even do a decked out Mac Mini)
    • $1600 21" Cintiq
    • $300 iPad (base model)
    • $100 Apple Pencil (that now works with the base model)

    You'd end up with a ton of mobility for sketching ideas via the iPad (the base model is pretty small, but at that price point it's just a sketching tool anyway), and the "gold standard" for any pro illustrator with the Cintiq at a huge screensize, and a computer that you can then upgrade or change without ditching your painting hardware.

  • @jdubz now I’m hoping to invest in a new setup for my digital work because my computer is on its way out. What type of computer system or laptop if possible can work with a cintiq? 2-3 years back I got a Wacom Intuos

  • @Heather-Boyd It really kind of depends on the kind of art you work on.

    For example, working with documents that are like 3000x2000 pixels at 300dpi, my 2012 Mac Mini with just a few upgrades has zero problems handling that at all. It struggles a bit when I have to put together like 36x24" posters at 300 dpi.

    The Cintiq itself isn't going to require much horsepower. At this point having a Solid State hard drive and a respectable amount of ram nearly does all the heavy lifting. Having a basic dedicated video card is all that's needed to drive the monitors.

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    @jdubz oops! Lol😅 i thought he meant the surface tablet because he mentioned spending a little bit more than the ipad. I totally agree that for the price of the surface studio 2 of $3499, he should just get himself a cintiq, a pc, and an ipad. There’s just so much freedom of mobility with that setup not to mention that he’s getting quality products too.

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