New style or old habits

  • Hey, y'all! I've been trying to work with more simple shapes, just to break out of my comfort zone. The challenge is that I always seem to fall back into the familiar, which means more detail. Totally defeats the purpose! 🙂 Anyone else? How do you break free of the familiar??

  • @Pinky I do know what you mean. I always draw faces, eyes, and noses. I think for me the best way is to do challenges with specific prompts like Inktober. I found that I was drawing all sorts of things that I have never drawn before like roller skates, fireflies, and tinker toys. Maybe you could get a random word generator and draw accordingly to loosen things up a bit.

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    @Pinky Your brain is trying to do what it knows, which is normal. It's hard to break free and do something new, we really have to make a conscious effort to achieve that. It helps to learn new things for your brain to draw on. You're trying to do something "different" but do you have a specific image in your brain of what you're trying to achieve? If you don't it'll be that much more difficult: it would like picking a meal to cook when the only thing you know is you don't want spaghetti. That doesn't really help you much to know what ingredients you need and what steps to follow! Pick a recipe and try it out 🙂 By that I mean pick drawings you love from different artists and do master copies. It will help your brain and hand learn what you're trying to do. It will also make you discern what you like and don't like drawing from each style. "I don't really like drawing lineart this thick" or "Ouhhh, I really like drawing noses like this, it feels right!". Hope this helps 🙂

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    I was thinking of this yesterday. I would practise drawing large and then medium shapes and then NOT going back to add details. And if and when you find yourself adding details STOP and move on to the next work.

    I hope this helps.

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