• Hello,
    I am from Bangladesh , I want to know , which is best online certificate courses for graphic design or illustration artist . That value will world wide . Please give me information .

  • SVS OG

    I'm pretty sure it is all about the quality of your portfolio - you could be self taught and have a great portfolio and beat out a slacker from a prestigious college.

  • I believe Kevin is correct.
    Certificates or degrees only get you so far. After that it's how good your portfolio is and how visible you are. Networking is a great way to get noticed. Make portfolios on websites, interact with people. Send publishers your portfolio. But always, keep getting better. 🙂

  • Hi Sougat, Working on a good portfolio is the best thing you can do. Here's some advice from svs-faculty instructor @Lee-White:

    Show three images from the same story. Try to highlight character
    interaction and get a sense of emotion and story.

    Show 2 images that highlight environment. You can have some characters
    in there, but make sure the environment is the main thing. Will does
    this extremely well so poke around his website for inspiration.

    For the remaining 5, try to vary the stories and how you show the
    story. Be specific to the type of work you want to get.

    Leave room for text in at least 75% of the work. I typically put the
    text in there. It shows art directors that you understand the business
    that we are in.

    Have fun! Don't put too much pressure to get 10 perfect images right
    away. Shoot for painting 20 or 30 and then picking the best 10 out of

    Hope it helps!

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