October Contest Critique

  • Howdy everyone. Hey, there's a window up listing other posts, and it's right in front of where I'm typing. Is there a way to get rid of that?

    Uh... anyway, I'm working on the October prompt. Does this read OK? Can you tell what's happening? Do you have any suggestions? bostons revived.png

  • Oh my gosh. All of the puppers!

    I wanna see a wavy mountain range of dogs in the background (or perhaps just a sea of perky ears extending into the distance)

    I think it reads well! I wish there were a way to communicate the 'water of life' concept without writing it out, but I'd have to think that one through.

    Nice work! Love the wall-eyed dogs 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett Thank you! I love the doggy mountain range idea.

    I feel like without sequential images there's not much of a way to show that the potion brings things to life. If you come up with a way I'd love to hear it.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • @TwiggyT The dog's expression in the foreground is everything. LOL

  • @Laurel-Aylesworth Haha, thank you!

  • I love the idea, and the expressions are priceless. Does it even need to say anything on the bottle at all? Is the "water of life" specifically more important than the idea that there's someone at the end of the line who adds the secret sauce?

  • Love it! That dog in the foreground! 😍

    What if the jar with the "water of life" had a symbol on it instead? Not sure what that would be, but it's a thought. I agree that it could possibly be left blank too. It looks like you might have it be glowing in the final. Perhaps that's enough?

  • @Aaron_T @TessaW I thought I'd have it glow, sort of like the essence in The Dark Crystal. Maybe that would be enough. Thanks for your feedback!

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