Link to the live contest results...

  • How do we get that link? I am a subscriber but I never seem to get the email.

  • @chrisaakins I was getting it when I subscribed back in the spring but I stopped subbing over the summer. Now I'm back subbing again and not getting emails. I think there is some problem with their server and yahoo emails for some reason, not sure if you're at a yahoo address. I tried switching to my gmail account earlier today but no luck so far and I really want to watch so fingers crossed it all gets sorted!!!!!!

  • I couldn't find it either, and I'm using gmail. I had to go to "All Mail" specifically to see it. I'm never quite sure how Google is filtering mail, but it seems to make less and less sense as time goes on.

  • ok I ended up getting the link 🙂 Hope it gets sorted for everyone else!

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