Compositon advice appreciated!

  • Celebration Sketch.jpg

    So In order to try and learn how to illustrate, I thought it might be a good idea to invent a little world and fill it with characters and stories as I go, and then i may have some usable product at some point as well as some half decent skills. I'm still a world away from both just yet, but starting to see some progress In my eyes.

    The world is that of the PiRats (yep, Pirate rats, I came up with a cheap and wholly unoriginal Pun and worked back from there!!)

    For this piece they are celebrating something, some minor victory which got them some treasure perhaps, and the big guy has passed out drunk at the table. For a laugh the naughty scamps in the background are going to throw water on him. They really are naughty.

    The scene takes place on a ship, in the big room the captain sits in, I should really research what that's called. There's a big round window at the back framed by curtains if you cant see it clearly from the sketch.

    I know the drawing needs more work, that's the next step, getting the folds right, fixing proportion etc, not to mention value blah blah, but I dot want to mess with that until I've got the composition correct. Any advice, or better Ideas, redraws, you name it, would be massively appreciated. Cheers all!

  • I like the concept for this project and I can see that you have drawing skills. One critique I have is to tighten up your perspective. 787F3B1C-5B19-4911-BC7B-DE822A43316D.jpeg To show you what I mean I drew over yours just as an example. I added a red line to represent a horizon line and put the point of view in the middle. This line is arbitrary but I put it where I did because I felt like it worked best In your composition.

  • AB172005-C6D1-4AF8-8E06-ABBB374CFEE6.jpeg Here is the table in one point perspective with all the slats converging to the single point in the center.

  • E3ACCA5D-10AC-4510-AAB3-536456CD2B86.jpeg Here’s a draw over of the table. I think doing this helps the table to not look tipped up.

  • Based on the horizon line I set up I would now have to change the other objects in the background so that everything looks consistent. 93027BAC-BE98-42EA-8D89-E7626EF362EB.jpegthis isn’t perfectly accurate, I just kind of took my best guess. The important thing would be that as things move up toward the horizon line the ellipse looks shorter from top to bottom.

  • A3B11CCF-7E5A-4E2D-8619-17B5B546D619.jpeg Here’s a pencil draw over. It’s not perfectly accurate but I just wanted to give an example instead of just saying to check the perspective. You can rework it to whatever suits you and could go in and apply the principles of perspective to your characters as well. It’s good to fix these things in the pencil stage. I recently had to redo a painting because the perspective issues were killing me to look at. I hope this helps and forgive me if I over posted 😅Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing more of this project!

  • @Zachary-Drenski mate thank you for taking the time to do all this, you've gone above and beyond the call of duty there, its very much appreciated. I dont have any arty community around me so feedback like this is invaluable. Thats put my mind at rest, ill work on the details and the issues you pointed out, but as a whole then hopefully the thing should hold together

  • @gavpartridge It was no problem, hopefully the explanations were clear. Like I said, I didn't do this perfect so you should rework the drawing to your liking. I also don't know anyone around me who's into illustration so it's good to connect on here.

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