Children’s book illustrator exposure

  • Does anybody have any information on children’s books groups or community’s-online or otherwise that provides illustrators with exposure to art directors, book publishers etc.?

    Thanks for any info anyone can provide

  • Just joined and they have regional chapters all over that have meetings and conferences. They are also an international hub for artists, authors, agents, and publishers. Kind of the standard club within children's books. 😃

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    Yep. I second @Elinore-Eaton , SCBWI is a great place to start.

  • I joined SCBWI this week and am trying to find my way around all the areas of the site and forum - there's a lot. I'm part of a few facebook groups for children's books too.

  • I will add that you get out of what you put into SCBWI. It isn't a pay-for-exposure sort of situation. You get a membership and they give you the tools and support to do the work yourself.

    • As a member you can create an illustrator profile for yourself on their website

    • You can submit illustrations to be featured in their quarterly trade publication or on their website through the "draw this" challenge

    • You can use their mailing lists in "the book" to reach out to agents

    • You can attend regional or national events and conferences where they will have asked art directors, agents, and editors to come speak

    • You can take advantage of the portfolio reviews and showcases at those events to put your work directly in front of an art director

    • You can utilize your local chapter to find mentors and critique groups to help you strengthen your portfolio

    It isn't like or where you are paying for them to promote you (which is still a valid way to gain exposure, just different).

  • @NelsonYiap make sure you check out your region, and get on their mailing list. Regions have critique groups, and smaller conferences where you still get to meet agents, editors and other peers, but the price to attend is usually a fraction than flying out to New york or LA. Im the Illustrator Coordinator for our Hawaii chapter and love helping out our group.

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