Question about critic groups for creating picture books.

  • Hei, I have been working on some story ideas on and off for the last half a year or so. Currently I am trying to put together a dummy book for the story I feel most promising. I felt like I need some support/accountbility/feedback/critique.

    I love SVS forum, but I felt it is much easier to get feedback for a single illustration, rather than an entire book dummy. (due to the nature of the web forum, and the amount of time required other people to get into your story in order to give a proper feedback).

    Does anyone has suggestions on how to find/join a critique group online?

    I am also consider reaching out to find illustrators who are in my level and a bit ahead of me in the Childrens book illustration career and start a physical critique group in my city (Oslo, Norway). Does anyone have tips on how to form a successful critique group?

  • Pro SVS OG

    I think SCBWI members in your area would be a great place to start to look 🙂

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