How to do awesome illustrations EVERY time!

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    @carlianne @jthomas I'll be addressing this in my next video. : )

  • @Lee-White Will You be posting on youtube regularly at some time (liek monthly or weekly) or more spontaneously?

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    @MichaelaH every two weeks

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    @Lee-White I wish it were every day!

  • So I made past 50 by 5 πŸ™‚ Here are mine and yes @Lee-White I would do well in knowing how to pick the best 1 or even down to 3. I have it down to 10. I'd appreciate what interests others then I can maybe narrow it down.

    Story is inspired by the red laser light I play with my cat and the red angel in Star Trek Discovery (Big ❀ Fan of).

    Step 2 Dino Thumbnails 1-13.jpg

    Step 2 Dino Thumbnails 14-25.jpg

    Step 2 Dino Thumbnails 26-44.jpg

    Step 2 Dino Thumbnails 45-55.jpg

    Thanks πŸ™‚ I appogise if these show up large. They were thumbnails I promise. lols

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    New video on Thumbnailing is up! Check it out here (hd version will be available shortly).

    Subscribe if you haven't already! I need to catch Will and Jake!


  • @Lee-White I am so happy to see this video out. I was talking about the 50 thumbnails concept to a friend who is not an illustrator, but working with interaction design and writing. He was very inspired and incorprated some of the ideas in his writing process. I think the gist of the 50 thumbails concpet applies to much more than making a good illustration. Now I have a source that I can send to people who want to know more about it.

  • I have a question for you – wondering what is the thought process behind doing color after values please @Lee-White? Because I’m having problems with selecting a simple and effective palette from color references that evoke the feelings from Step 1 – the references seem to use lots of colors but harmonious – and in your video too you selected only a few colors from an image. Perhaps how to use references for color selection will be in a future video! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise – your videos are always just-in-time!


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    @Qi Thanks for the message. I sympathize with what you are saying about color selection. It's tricky. And it's one of the tougher areas of illustration to teach (in my opinion). The main advice I give to students is to pick a color to key the whole illustration off of. Such as "What is the MAIN color cast of this image?" Then all other colors are selected around that main color. Otherwise the palette starts to get out of control for me. But I typically prefer analogous color schemes and color that isn't too saturated. Someone else might prefer much brighter colors or whatever, so it's hard to have a solid rule there.

    The other advice I give is find a bunch of images that you like and look at how they are using color. Then steal their color palette! Color is not copywriteable! You can use any of it from other artists. You can even sample their work if you are working digitally. Now isn't this a bad/unethical practice? Nope! The reason that it's ok is that your drawing and value are what really hold an image together. Even if you color pick from another artist, it won't look exactly like they did it because the values and drawing are so different.

  • @Lee-White - what a great question "what's the MAIN color cast of this image?" that you've suggested to help keep things under control. Have attached the original image & the updated image - not intended for you to critique, just to show there does seem to be an improvement on overall color harmony from my view after trying the methods you advised – thank you! Stress levels lower too! And after sampling & stealing some other artists’ colors (this is fun to do too) - realized that my image has fundamental issues in the drawing & value areas that pretty colors can’t hide/fix.


    Yes! – have been enjoying seeing your low contrast paintings – thought them intriguing, like someone whispering instead of shouting 😊

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