Riley's Sketchbook

  • Hey everyone! It has been awhile, but college started for me again so I finally have access to a scanner. I just want to share some sketches I have made over the summer. I have good bunch, so I will release two or three over the next few days. Comments and thoughts welcome!

    Some simple face studies.


    Tried to translate my knowledge about the head into some character designs.

    Character Sketches.jpg

  • Spaceships and an airship!

    Spaceship Concepts.jpg


  • AlWilliamsonStudy.jpg

    A study I did on some of Al Williamson's work. I Love his inking and characters. I focused on getting the same energy in his original pose in my study and on his masterful inking techniques. My copy is fairly inferior but I learned a TON! I noticed that his ink strokes are generally thin and very in thickness just enough to suggest different forms. I also loved how he made the clothing out of thick and gestural strokes. My hatching strokes are quite a bit darker than his. I may have not been using a thin enough tool or he worked in a larger size than I did.

  • Those are nice! Keep on working!