re-do on guardian angel

  • I took part in the guardian angel project for Will a couple months back. It was only my second photoshop finished project so I was looking to finish it up a little better. I really liked the idea of it 🙂 Unfortunately I think I deleted the original photoshop file so I'm just working in layers on top of the jpeg. Just looking for some ideas and thoughts that I could improve. On the original, there was some spattering on the background darks that I liked but also some brushy marks that I didn't. So I just started today to darken the background again and I'll re-do the spattery stuff perhaps.
    I'm trying to have a couple finished thing I could post on instagram along with sketches, and hopefully inktober too.
    any thoughts on potential changes? anything at all 🙂 thank youangelre-do.jpg

  • @Coley I remember loving this piece, so I went back to your original post. I actually prefer this solid background. I am going through the composition class (again!) and looking for the design elements you incorporated. I see the rule of 3rds vertical & horizontal, interesting negative space & point of view, size variation, simple curves and straight lines, differentiation between foreground and background is clear, I see color harmony throughout—even the shirt includes colors of the skin tones. I think it’s beautifully done.

    Is there something in particular that you thought needed reworking?

  • angelre-do.jpg thanks @BichonBistro
    there were some smudgy lines along the angel's wings and along top line of his shoulder/shirt. also wanted to improve the edges along the pencil and shirt collar, and touch up the ear a bit. I did all that, still left a bit of smudge I think in the background! I may have smoothed things out a little too much.......... But it was good to practice re-working. too bad I had deleted my original photoshop file! Thanks for the feedback, really nice to hear 🙂

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