Show me your weird art

  • The kind of stuff that you just did for fun, to try out something new. If you've read any of my other posts, you'll know I'm something of a style chameleon, and I have to try out everything. For example, this watercolor quickie I did totally not my usual work. It's so messy and uncontrolled it freaks me out. But also... it was relaxing after a tough day. Anyone else do stuff like that?


    Okay your turn guys, show me what you've got!

  • I know what You mean, I never do this rough quick messy style also, I have this two illustrations I did on procreate, where I usually only sketch. Usually I work in photoshop on Cintiq....
    This second picture is the most popular picture on my instagram...But it is not my style...
    Yours is really great, like free drawing...


  • @MichaelaH Michael! I like that top one, it's ...well I mean the content isn't cute but the style is. I like all the different textures. I've noticed that children's book art is FULL of textures, so it's probably a good idea to keep experimenting with that sort of thing?

    Here's more nonsense I did for the night. I guess I decided to just waste time fiddling around this evening 😂


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    My doodles (aka. "decompression expressions") are insane! LOL! I used to do variations on the Zentangle thing and fill in stuff, then I shifted to doing mandalas in Procreate when they came out with their symmetry tool. There is something very freeing about simply letting the pencil/pen/paintbrush do whatever it does, isn't there?

  • @Perrij I love drawing and doodling in a free sort of way too. It sooo relaxing.

  • @Coreyartus Oooh I do zentangles with my students every year. You should post some here! And yes..something very freeing about it, and appealing to look at. I think I need to let more free brushstrokes into my work

  • @peteolczyk Ooh nice, this looks like it could be the start of something

  • Weird art you're saying, huh? Well, I've got one!
    Brace yourself cause it's really weird! Rzodkiewka.png

    The story is fairly simple...I had this one subject in collage this year and the teacher gave us a list of keywords and told us to do ANY work of art that relates to one of the words. I got my deadlines mixed up and thought that I have one more week to turn the assignment in...turned out I had to turn that work the very next day. I was after a whole day (litearally like 10-12 hours marathon) of working on another project so I quickly painted the first thing that my tired brain managed to come up with. The keyword I went for was radish and I think I've neeever been as ashamed to turn something in 🤣

  • Since I don't draw all day long, by the time I get to draw my brain is fried, so I like to do little shape challenges to wind down or loosen up. I love these, and usually try to do the same shape several times and get completely different results. The illustrator Beastwreck on Instagram has one of my favorites, so whenever he posts a new shape I usually go to town, and the results get least for me! ShapeChallenge.jpg

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