Superstition - WIP - lightning pebbles

  • I am not sure if I can finish this task but I liked the challenge. 🙂 There is a superstition saying that you can protect your home from the storm if you throw "lightning pebbles" over the roof. These are pebbles which were found in the woods or on fields far away from water. People thought that those pebbles are the product of lightnings hitting the ground. And because things cannot be striked twice by lightning, one should bring those pebbles close the house, so that also the house will not be hit.
    The best effect one can expect by throwing the pebbles over the roof.
    I made a first color concept. My biggest problem is to show the movement of the pebbles. Do you think one can understand the story? I added the text to make it more obvious.
    Thanks in advance!
    SVS August 2019 superstition comp.jpg

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