WIP fairy tale comic

  • Hi everybody! After a very long time not posting, I am happy to be back. 🙂 So nice to see old and new faces!
    I was pretty much distracted by my day job, but still I found some time to work on a project. Because getting feedback from you guys always helped to push through, I wanna share what I am working on.
    It is a fairy tale comic "Snow Queen" from Hans Christian Andersen. I wanna keep it very close to the original idea and text. Right now I am working on the backgrounds and on polishing the page layouts. Here three examples. What do you think? Is it going in a good direction? Is it too stiff with the vector line work?
    Thanks for your Feedback! 🙂
    colored Flat 15 light comp.jpg colored Flat 12 light comp.jpg colored Flat 01 light comp.jpg

  • Hi SVS friends, here my ideas about Gerda, one of the main characters in this fairy tale. This might be more or less the style in which the characters will appear.
    IMG_0694 comp.JPG
    IMG_0696 comp.JPG

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