Drawing Fundamentals Worksheets

  • 8.2.19
    I've seen other people doing this and it's really helpful to see how other people are approaching the homework for each of the classes, so I'm going to try to keep myself accountable by posting completed homework every day. I'll start with this class and move onto others. I really hope I stay consistent!

    Please feel free to post your homework from this class on this thread as well as I'd love to see your work as well!

    Here's the first worksheet

    Drawing Basics Worksheet-3@1x.jpg

    I got really tired trying to draw the squirrel because I still don't know how much detail to leave in/out for fur. I think I spent the most time on the crow which wasn't as daunting, I don't know why. The squirrel just made my brain tired, lol.

    Hopefully by the time I'm done with all the worksheets I'll have improved at least a little bit from this initial homework. Any and all comments are welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @aprilshin

    I can see if I can find my homework for this class. I worked in pencil sometime back, I mainly focused on shapes and structure over details.


  • @Heather-Boyd
    Yes, I remember it being a challenge to stick to basic shapes and not try to draw the details.

  • @miriam & @Heather-Boyd

    Ahh, thank you so much! I was dreading this homework because it was taking me forever, but that makes so much more sense! Lol. Thank you so much for sharing! I will try to get basic shapes down instead of going crazy on details. Thank you again!

  • 8.3.19.
    I only drew for about an hour today and this is what I accomplished. I'll edit this post as I progress on this worksheet instead of adding a new post each time. I'm way off on proportions in general now that I look at it. To me, it's most noticeable in the face. It makes me angry and frustrated to look at this, but I need to remember that I'm practicing because I suck and I have to go through this suck stage in order to get to the good stage. I'll need to focus/concentrate more for the next two.

    I drew for another 25-ish minutes today and this is how far I got. I think for tomorrow I'm going to take @NessIllustration's advice and flip these worksheets upside down and try drawing the shapes that way.

    I redrew the man upside down (left box), and I think it matches more closely to the original. I went back to right side up for the last drawing, trying to start with simple shapes and paying attention to distances. These are tough! I can feel my brain starting to give up as I'm going through these, and I consciously have to fight against it. But I'm thankful for these classes/exercises because it forces me to work on skills I've been ignoring for forever.

    Drawing Basics Worksheet-4.jpg

  • @aprilshin by the way you donโ€™t suck. Cheer up, your practising and your practising the right things, but I know how slow it is. Even after doing this class and others I still feel like I donโ€™t incorporate it in my current work. I did add details to the later ones but more value than anything.

  • Pro

    @aprilshin You definitely don't suck! You did very well in the body, and the face proportions are a bit more different because you're relying more on your memory of how to draw a face, not the actual face you're copying. Turn off your brain, and just focus on the shapes, lines, distances between elements. Don't rely on what you know how to draw, turn off that part of your brain and just rely on observation. Another really great alternate way to do this homework is turn your canvas/paper upside down, and copy it that way! It makes you rely less on your memory and your own assumptions of how it should look, and focus entirely on how it is.

  • @NessIllustration That is great advice. Thank you so much! I might try that starting tomorrow. I'm thankful to you and @Heather-Boyd for the encouragements. You both are wonderful! โค

  • Chiming in that you definitely don't suck! I love seeing the progression down across your posts--I can really see how your brain is working and learning, and I think that progress is incredible. Can't wait to what you do next!

  • 8.6.19
    Thank you so much @thousandwrecks! I saw your post regarding procrastination, too, and I appreciated it so much. Thanks for spreading your encouragement around. It means a lot!

    Here is the homework I completed today. I'm realizing that I get into smaller shapes too quickly and end up committing to measurements that are completely off. I need to force myself to keep the shapes big and loose at first and then slowly pare it down to smaller parts.

    Drawing Basics Worksheet-5.jpg

  • 8.7.19
    Here is another worksheet for today. It feels like I take one step forward and then another step back. I'm still trying to fight myself from getting to the details too soon, but it's so tempting! I'm hoping tomorrow's worksheet on fabrics will come out a little better.

    Drawing Basics Worksheet-6.jpg

  • 8.8.19
    Here is how far I got on the fabric worksheet today. As I was looking through my other worksheets in this post, I realized that I don't have a lot of control over my lines. They're clunky and awkward. Recently I'd been admiring people's work who have beautiful, flowing lines and the stark contrast from my lines is now super noticeable to me. I can do straight(ish) lines, but graceful, curvy lines is a challenge. Are there any tips other than drawing a lot to get a handle on controlled linework?


    Here is the finished last worksheet. These were tough! But paying attention to the details taught me how folds work, how to pay attention to line control, and how to focus on big shapes and measurements before drilling down into details. I'll be moving onto Creative Environment Design next. Thank you for all the comments!


  • @aprilshin

    Several of us finished up CED course, well some of us are still working on it (I include myself of course) if your interested in viewing and adding your work to the already created threads @Braden-Hallett created for us.

    As to your lines, they remind me a bit like my own. I am very loose -good for sketches not necessarily for finished drawings that have solid strong lines. Well that's partly true -my lines are stronger in traditional formats vs. digital (tablet doesn't feel like paper).

    *Muscle memory with lots of practise and ghosting (practise drawing above the paper with your whole arm and then put down your pencil and draw exactly it on the paper).

    • I would also recommend drawing different lengths as well as straight and curves. Not every shape is one continuous line.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ keep going ๐Ÿ™‚

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