10 Minutes Scribbles

  • As well as doing artwork I also work at a preschool which gives me the odd 15 minutes to sketch with the kids. I recently started asking them what kind of monster or character they would like and here are the first 2 that I remembered to take a photo of. I hand them out after, but some kids say they don't want them because they are scary (even when that's what they requested..... art critiques right!)

    It's a fun little exercise to do under pressure to as there is only about 10 minutes to get it done, and it's something I would like to try more at home, using story dice or just picking random numbers and words.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

  • @Gary-Wilkinson

    I salute eye ball trees!

  • @Gary-Wilkinson oh man, these are so cute, especially the 2nd one šŸ˜Š

  • These seem like super fun to do! Iā€™ll have to try it with by little ones. I really love the tree monster!

  • SVS OG

    I think they are adorable! I do a monster thing every October where I have kids describe a monster and then I paint it. Last year I painted them on a postcard and sent them. I kind of like the 10 minute monster idea! It's a fun creative challenge!

  • Great idea about having the kids draw a monster first, it would be a cool project.

    Here are a couple more 10 Minute sketches, a hungry monster and an unfortunate surfer (had to do the surfer in 2 parts as I was stuck on a concept to draw)



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