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    Hi guys,

    So a while ago, I applied to a one-year part-time animation certificate in a local College here in Dublin. I figured it would be great to attend a real class and that I'd learn a lot about composition and story-telling.

    A few days ago, I found out they're giving me an interview on the 1st of August. It all seems very casual and their email says this in relation to what I need to bring with me:

    "Optional: art portfolio, sketches (3 pieces max), animation video. If available these documents can be brought in on the day and scanned and emailed). Please note a portfolio is not a mandatory requirement for this course."

    I have never made a portfolio before and don't have very long to put one together. Should I just bring some sketchbooks? Or should I make a very small portfolio that tracks my progress in drawing over the last year? Or just try to make a proper portfolio from what I have?

    At first I thought the progress idea was good because they might see how motivated I am, having taught myself... But now I'm not so sure. Maybe I shouldn't include any bad art, even if it's purpose is to showcase other art and improvement...?

    Any help or suggestions much apprecaited!! You can see most of my drawings on Instagram to get an idea of what I have at my disposal...


    Thanks guys!!

  • Hi @ShannonBiondi !
    I hope you get in to this course, it sounds like a great skill to add to your illustration knowledge!

    In my experience, portfolios should highlight your strongest works. In animation, I think they like seeing an idea executed from sketch to final where things like composition, setting, and character are explored. In traditional programs they like to see that you know how to bring a concept from sketch to final, have technical knowledge, and can neatly organize your work. Animation usually involves having a knowledge of how things move so I would submit a page of sketches of a moving target from life, some figure drawings perhaps to show an understanding of anatomy, and maybe something more rendered. Although this all depends on what kind of animation course this is, because if it's more graphic you can show storyboards of a shapes moving and morphing or a logo. It's all dependent on the work you're doing now.

    I think in the end you should just make sure that whatever you submit can be understood clearly and that you have a variety of different work (showing a variety of mediums, subject matter, etc), which will then show that you've been experimenting and practicing. I would hold off on showing older work that doesn't express your skill level now though. I think showing off where you're at now is the way to go. Best of luck!

  • I would just bring in your 3 best or 3 newest pieces. You might be over thinking it a bit....they probably just want to get to know you and get a feel for what your art looks like!

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