A couple sketches please comment

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    Here are a couple sketches for ideas for a lullabye I wrote called Button Your PJs. The kids sail off in their bed and pluck the starts as they go by playing a lullabye....etc. I wrote some lullabyes at least 25 years ago. Just trying t put them into a collection for family etc.

    So, what do you like about them and what don't you like. Thanks!



  • I like the second one, with the bed closer.
    The perspective is more dynamic. And you should play with perspective on the music staff as well! Have it starting bigger in the bottom half and getting smaller as it goes away from you.

  • I like the second one better too. The composition is more dynamic, the characters look more engaged in what they're doing, and it's clearer what's going on.

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    I think the first one emphasizes the environment of stars a lot more than the second, which seems to be more about the characters. It feels like, to me, the first image may happen before the second?

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    @Kuarahy Great input. I see what you mean. Thanks!

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    @juliekitzes Thanks. I agree it does look more dynamic.

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    @Coreyartus Actually, they are just two different attempts at illustrating the same thing. I used a little different style on each one. It does look like the first one could be in the background and moving forward to the second one's position. I plan on working on some more but I like getting some input. I'll just be doing one illustration per lullabye.

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