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  • I have this character I'm designing named Sputnik. He is of an alien race. My issue is that I keep making him a bit too dorky looking for his personality.

    Sputnik is a alien who doesn't make things happen, but things happen to him. He is a chinese delivery guy. In his off time, he plays video games, but is really bad at them. He is sort of spacey; he will get lost in thought often. People are surprised when he says something of deep thought or that's philosophical. He has stoner vibes in that regard. He's content and sort of happy to just be existing or wandering until something comes along.

    I wanted his character to relate to people who don't know what they want to do or aren't driven to be the best or most significant.

    I picture him to be tall and so he's sort of awkward in that way. I'm gonna draw him in a smaller delivery space ship where his knees are gonna be bent up close to his chest to illustrate hes the kind of person not to mind. He's used to his tallness and so this doesn't irritate him.

    These are what I have so far.


  • Interesting character. I like the 2nd one, I would pose the horns though. The design you’re going for should match your description “normal guy alien” so lose the horns, everything else about that design is perfect. You got the little alien outfit. Hes tall and lanky but not too broad shouldered. Got alien features without it being over the top. Keep the little hat.

  • I would also go for nr. 2 without horns, maybe with some sensors? And I would do chinese eyes.

  • @Aleksey Thank you so much for the feed back! That is super helpful and I agree!

  • @MichaelaH sorry im gonna disagree with changing the eyes. Unless you have a specific personal reason to give an alien a trait specific to a community on earth, like it’s a personal story or you yourself are from that community. I do not think it’s ok to give that character that trait. Mainly because you may misrepresent that community.

    Think about the message that design will send to people from that community. It’s an alien, not from earth, having this physical trait that a community on earth has means you’re creating a link between the race of aliens and that community. Whether Intentional or not.

    Frankly that goes for attire too.

  • @Aleksey I would personally do normal eyes for an alien, but I thought the alien is a chinese, because Sarah wrote "He is a chinese delivery guy." I don't have anything against asian ppl, I though he was chinese (like in man in black), but maybe I did misunderstood the sentence and didn't understand it. No offence there

  • @MichaelaH oh no no michaela my friend I didn’t mean you meant offense im more saying that proceed with caution when it comes to physical traits.

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