Choosing the best computer for a Cintiq

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    Hi, everyone! I’ve been thinking of getting a cintiq lately. My ipad has served me well for more than a year now but I feel that it’s time for an upgrade. I’m really certain that I want a cintiq but the dilema following that is I don’t know what computer to use it with. I have a 4 year old laptop and it’s seen better days. What specs work best with a cintiq? Should I get a desktop or laptop? Which brands last longer and the best bang for my buck? Are there any specific models that you’d recommend?

    Thank you so much for your inputs everyone! They’re highly appreciated.

  • I have an Ipad, intuos and last year I bought old cintiq 22". I am using desktop computer. I have to say, I would always chose desktop computer, my husband is PC-man so if I need more power, he chnages only the parts. I don't understand much about it. From what I see, SSD harddrive is important, to have quick work, than lot of RAM 16?, good processor (CPU) and graphic card (doesn't have to be super cool like for gamers, but good one).
    But I am not a notebookperson, so cannot tell. I have portable device, like my ipad, so I think stationary desktop pc is good enough. And cintiq is very very heavy, so yeah stationary works great for me.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz A cintiq will play nice with pretty much anything mainstream. Look for specs that compliment the program you're using, not the cintiq.

    It's pretty much just a screen 🙂

    As for laptop vs desktop, mac vs PC, longevity, price, and all the rest of it... Good luck? It's a tough maze to navigate.

    I'd try out the laptop you're using before you rush out and buy a new 'puter. Depending on what kind of art you're doing it may work just fine.

    When in doubt, find a tech-savvy friend, buy them some beer (or whatever inebriant of choice) and ask them to assemble a PC for you. Cheaper, lasts a long time and easily repaired.

    One of the only big things to remember is to make sure whatever you buy has an SSD.

  • I think the only specific thing to make sure is that it has a usb c port. (If you are getting the newest ones)

    I know some people have had issues getting the 4k to display on the new cintiqs if you don't have a usb c port. (they have an adaptor but its not reliable)

    Also desktops (pc or mac) give your more powerful specs for the price compared to laptops, if you want a mac buy a refurbished one from apple, save a bit of $$!

    my two cents 🙂

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    Hi guys! What’s your take on all-in-one computers?

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    @MichaelaH @Braden-Hallett @Sean_H thank you so much for your input. They’re very helpful. I’m been researching and I think Pc is the way to go for me. I’ll have to search which one tho.

  • Let us know how it goes for ya. I think I might be getting a cintiq someday (maybe soonish?)

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz It's also possible to build a PC that runs Mac OS as well as Windows. Called a Hackintosh. Build Hackintosh Instructions -

    Basically build a Mac without the excessive costs and can also upgrade it when you want. Very helpful support community.

  • I've recently had a friend build me a PC, I bought all the separate parts online so I could get a good amount of RAM, graphics card etc (i think i've got all those names right, i'm not that tech savvy) and it's brilliant! I think I paid about £800 and I've got a very powerful PC now, and I have the option to upgrade in the future if i need to as the parts can just be changed instead of the whole PC.
    Like others have said, the cintiq isn't the problem, it will be the programs you use as photoshop likes to gobble up a lot of RAM. I used to have a Macbook laptop and it all worked fine, but i found it a bit of an inconvenience in terms of space with the cintiq as I only have a small desk and photoshop started to get a bit slow.
    Good luck 🙂

  • @hannahmccaffery Nice! That's what I did too. Buddy sat down with me and led me through the process (a lot like building a machine out of lego)

    500$ CAN got me a great little computer about 1/3 the size of a tower desktop that fits my needs perfectly 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett Amazing! Definitely the best thing I've done 🙂 It's sooo much cheaper to do it this way 🙂

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz said in Choosing the best computer for a Cintiq:

    Hi guys! What’s your take on all-in-one computers?

    All-in-one's are usually hard (or impossible) to upgrade. I would also recommend a PC personally, but that's an eternal debate!

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    @Braden-Hallett @hannahmccaffery thanks guys! Unfortunately, I don’t have any tech savy friends. I’ll try to ask around tho. Assemblying your own desktop does sound more appealing

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Built more PC's then I can remember.

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