Promo sheet for publisher submissions.

  • Hi all. I'm in the process of submitting (digitally) to publishers and agents and I'm creating a one sheet PDF with pieces from my portfolio. Does anyone have a sample of a nicely designed one? Do you do these? I'm also including my contact info as well as a little information about medium and what kind of project I'm interested in doing.

  • Hi Laurel,
    This is a great idea, especially including a bit of info about the projects you'd like to work on. Have you thought about making it a PDF document instead of one page?
    Just thinking it might be better to show off your illustrations if each one had its own page to breathe and really stand out, plus if its all on one page it might look cramped and hard for the agents/publishers to look at your work closely.
    Do you have a screenshot to show?
    I don't have a pdf of my work at the moment, but I did one when I left University and that was the piece of advice they gave me, but if you feel as though your work looks strong on one page then go for it 🙂
    Good luck!

  • @hannahmccaffery This is what I ended up with (this is low res but I'm sending high resolution to the publishers). la_illustration_2.pdf

  • Ohh I see what you mean now, sorry I was imagining lots of images on one sheet like a mood board or something haha!
    This looks lovely and clean and each of your illustrations really stand out! I think some agencies do require a minimum number of images to see aswell as your website so it might be worth seeing what the majority ask for, but it's a nice touch to put a bit about how you work etc 🙂

  • your sheet looks great Laurel! Love the piece you've chosen as the largest image

    one suggestion - add an email and phone number!! making it as easy as possible/reducing the hurdles for the publisher to get in touch can't hurt

  • Pro

    @Laurel-Aylesworth I think it's a great idea, and your execution of it looks really sleek and professional. Good job! 🙂

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